Advent Calendar

I love the tradition of Advent Calendars–they are just so beautiful and make enjoying the anticipation so much fun! I wanted to make one for our home this year, and after paging through the Martha Stewart Living Christmas issue I found the perfect simple calendar to replicate:


Our apartment has a narrow hallway perfect for this calendar, but since the wall is painted a light sage-y green #gross #renting, I decided to use white envelopes instead of red. I did find a super pretty red and pink padded envelope to use for the trunk.


I placed rolls of painters tape on the backs of the envelopes and spread them out to form a tree pattern. Once they were all stuck onto the wall, I wrote the dates in the corner of each envelope in red pen.  Sorry about the bad picture–the hallway is very narrow and not well lit.


Instead of small gifts, Andy and I decided to just write small notes to each other every day. Oh and Bernie is our dog, if you’re wondering! We just write something we’re thankful for, or a little joke, or a reason why we love the other person. It’s been so fun and much more special than a piece of chocolate. Hopefully this will become a new Christmas tradition for us!

Have you made any Christmas decorations or crafts recently? Since the weather is turning colder, I’ve been sewing and quilting much more. Can’t wait to share them with you soon!


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