Some Yuletide Swag

Christmas is in full swing here in our little home! We bought our first real tree and spent the day yesterday setting it up and decorating it. After browsing at a small tree yard, we decided to go to Home Depot and grab a cheaper one. Thankfully, it turned out really well!

Andy and I will host Christmas this year, so we want to spruce up the apartment but not break the bank. A little craftiness is just the solution.


For decorations, we used the felt star and birds that I made a few years ago using PurlBee’s tutorials (with a few adaptations). We also dried orange slices and used some scrap red yarn from my stash to hang them up. Drying oranges makes the apartment smell so good! We also received many beautiful ornaments for wedding presents. Gorgeous ornaments are such a treat!

I think it’s still missing something. Maybe I’ll string cranberries or make some sort of other garland. Not sure.


I used the bottom row of branches that were trimmed off at Home Depot to make a few more decorations. I cut off lots of needles and small branches to decorate the mantle. Aren’t the stockings cute? Andy’s mom so kindly sewed them up for us.


I used the rest of the branches and some ribbon from my stash to make a little decoration for the door. It’s certainly not going to last a lifetime, but it’s a fun way to use up extra branches. The red string with a bell on the door is for our puppy to tell us when he needs to go outside, and the red wooden shoe holds our keys. While these are up all year, I think the red color makes the door hanging look even more festive!


We can’t put any presents under the tree because of that little snuggle muffin. While Bernie is pretty well-behaved for a 9-month old puppy, the wrapping paper and cardboard are just too tempting. So I think the presents will just stay safely in the bedroom or on top of the bookcase.

How are you decorating for the Holidays?


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