Christmas Tree Skirt

Andy had a pair of XL pajama pants that (a) are too big for him and (b) he just doesn’t wear. They are a cozy and traditional red, blue and dark green plaid–so I thought the fabric would make a perfect Christmas tree skirt.

Originally I thought I would make a quilted tree skirt, perhaps something like this. But this fabric is just so perfect! So the plan changed. Plus, this was much faster.

To make the tree skirt I first cut off the waistband, then cut the two legs apart along the seam. Then I cut the inner leg seams open and then trimmed off excess fabric to form two rectangles. I matched the plaid print and sewed the rectangles together. Then I marked the inner circle using a small plate and cut it out.

I measured 16 inches away from the inner circle to create the outer circle and cut one side open. I then ironed the edges under twice and topstitched all around, placing white ribbons on the open edge. Viola!

DSC00126Super simple, but very classic and pretty! I love projects like this.

DSC00127Have you made any decorations this year? I’d love to see them!


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