Jasmine: My First Colette Top!

I finally made my first garment from Colette Patterns! I have quite a few of their patterns, but have been waiting for the perfect fabrics to let the beautiful designs really sing. I’ve had this inexpensive dobby dot voile in my stash for a while now. I realized that it would be just right for a first pass at this top, so I cut into it and gave it a go!


I love so many aspects of this cute top. 1) It’s cut on the bias, so it’s super flattering and just feels nice to wear. 2) There aren’t any closures, so it’s easier (and quicker!) to sew up. 3) The details are just amazing: the collar, tie and sleeves are just so cute and make it much more dressy. 4) As you’d expect from a Colette Pattern, the instructions are so clear and very easy to follow.
photo-1I’ll definitely make a few more Jasmine tops. Right now, I’d like to create a white version and a black one with a different colored collar/ tie (maybe a pretty print?).

Next time, I want to change a few things. 1) The chest area needs to be a bit smaller (and not just because I’m slouching a bit in the photos!). I’ll need to use a larger seam allowance when sewing up the darts. 2) I’d like to lengthen the top by an inch or two. 3) Next time I sew it up, I’ll hand sew the collar down after the top is completely sewn up. I found it too tricky to set in the sleeves with the collar sewn down.

Thanks to Andy for taking photos of me in the top! Next time I’ll try to be a better model.


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