Quick Cowl

I recently whipped up a VERY simple knitting project—a chunky infinity scarf. I bought this yarn a few years ago and tried using it for a few projects, all of which I ended up ripping out, thinking that the yarn is just too nice for a so-so end-product.


After admiring my sister’s simple—and warm!—infinity scarf at Christmas, I decided to copy it. Verdict: it’s perfect! The simple design shows off the yarn’s beautiful yellow color (it’s like sunshine) and uneven widths. Best of all, it’s super duper warm and cozy. I find myself wearing it in the apartment on chilly days.


This is seriously one of the easiest knitting projects. I simply knit a scarf, then sewed it together to create one big loop. To wear it, fold the entire loop in half, and twist it around your head twice or, if it’s really cold outside, three times. Voilà!

Bernie’s head is almost as big as mine! He has enough droopy skin around his neck, so I don’t think he needs a cowl. Ha. I still think of him as a teeny, tiny pup and am always surprised by how gigantic he is in pictures.

This cowl goes against my New Years resolution to push myself to knit more complicated projects, but oh well! When you find the perfect project for some great yarn you just have to knit. Plus, having a beautiful and snuggly cowl makes winter just a bit easier!

How about you? What have you knitted for yourself this winter? What’s your favorite quick-and-easy project?


9 thoughts on “Quick Cowl

  1. I love this colour ! It’s so brightful for the winters. 🙂
    I guess my favorite quick projet is the burberry inspired cowl, I’ve made 3 of them so far and I still love it sooooo much !

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