Log Cabin Pincushion

I have quite a few projects in the works right now, as you know! I still finishing up a quilt and a sweater, and just cut the fabric for a new sorbetto top the other day. Does this keep me from starting another project? No way.

After seeing this post on Red Pepper Quilts, I  was hooked. I wanted to make a little patchwork pincushion right away. And when inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it. 🙂

Here it is!

photo (50)

This took only a few hours to make and was so much fun! I love how bold and colorful it is, and in such a little package too.

It’s simply a log cabin quilt block folded in on itself and sewn together. First, I chose a few fabrics from my scrap bin and then fussy-cut the center square. The print has a square pattern, so it was super easy to cut into a perfect square—I just followed the dotted lines!

photo (38)

Then, I cut the rest of the scraps into 2″ strips and sewed then onto the center square, generally following this tutorial.

photo (48)

I then squared up the entire blog to make it as straight as possible. It’s certainly not perfect, but close enough. This quilting project is so fun and uses scraps beautifully.

photo (47)

I ironed on some fusible fleece to the back, just to give the block some more stability and weight. Once I cut off the excess fleece, I sewed the four edges together, leaving an opening in the last side.

photo (46)It kind of looks like a wonton, right?

photo (45)

Here it is flipped out to the right side.

photo (44)

And here’s the back. I think it’s super cute on this side too. After stuffing the entire pouch, I sewed up the opening with a blind stitch.

photo (43)I thought I was finished here, but I kept thinking that it needed something more.

photo (51)

After a few minutes of staring at it, I sorted through my buttons and found the perfect bright blue one. Ta da!

photo (40)

It’s a great little addition to my sewing table. I haven’t quite decided how I’ll use it—maybe for right near me at the machine or maybe a special spot for my hand stitching needles?

Either way, it was a super quick and fun project! I keep thinking that this technique would make an awesome pillow, you would just have to enlarge the dimensions.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Log Cabin Pincushion

  1. Very clever. I love it. Nice quickie gift to make for others who love crafting. I have a bunch of pincushions set aside in ziplock bags waiting for my upcoming trip in March. I will be doing a Hawaiian Applique quilt motiff. Upon return home, I will assemble them, fill them, and I should have at least a dozen ready to give away. Will share on my blog once, I’m done. If you are curious as to what the Hawaiian Applique motiff, I have a pineapple pattern posted on an earlier blog.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely check out your Hawaiian applique motif. I haven’t made many pincushions, but I can see now why people say they’re addicting. Have a great trip in March!

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