Craftsy Courses & a New Home

I heart Craftsy!

Crafting, like all hobbies I suppose, can become addicting because there’s always so much to learn. That’s why I love it! It’s fun to discover new techniques, try out new projects and see yourself improving.

I received my first Craftsy class a while ago (thanks, mama!) and wanted to share the love. I’m just so impressed with the quality of the courses. I’ve now watched several of their free courses—all of which are super helpful with lots of detail. I also have been watching the Couture Dress and Mittens & Gloves courses—I’ve been learning a lot! If you’re a part of Craftsy, follow my profile!

I also have to say that their app was my lifesaver this week. When I flew back to Chicago from Boston, my flight was delayed from the snow storm. I just sat and watched Quilt Con lectures (for free!), happy as a clam.

Despite the long trip home, it was a success! Yaay! In the end, my mom and I viewed two great units that would have been wonderful homes. We also saw many terrible ones, but I won’t focus on those.

photo (61)

We signed a lease on a very pretty 2-bedroom apartment (in the yellow house!) with a nice backyard for Bernie to roam and for me to plant veggies. Now my head is happily spinning with ideas for curtains to sew and rug colors. We’ll move sometime in May, so for now I’m going to relax and enjoy the next few weeks before the moving madness!


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