A Finished Quilt

Is there anything better?

photo (66)

I finally finished my Nicey Jane quilt! I had so much fun quilting this one, probably the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s great to see myself getting better at it, if only just a bit.

photo (65)

Here’s the top made from the Crazy 8 quilt pattern. I added a few scraps of my sold fabric to break up all of the beautiful Nicey Jane prints.

In the end. it’s actually a fairly small quilt: 46 by 68 inches. But I think it’s the perfect little quilt for the couch.

photo (64)

And here’s the back. I added a white strip of fabric to the print to the main print fabric. I really like the modern look of it. I used up the scraps of this print to make the binding.

photo (62)

My little Bernie proved to be quite the pest when I was hand stitching the binding. He wanted to lie and drool on it. He kept whining to sit on my lap, telling me to put that needle and thread away. Now that it’s finished, he can snuggle up with it all that he wants. Such a spoiled dude: a couch, pillow and a pile of blankets all for his snuggling whims. 🙂

photo (63)

I’m just so happy to finish this up. Now I’ll add it to my little stack of quilts!


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