A Fixer Upper

I want to thank you for all your kind words about my recent sewing and knitting fails. Seriously, it helped me stop fretting and get back to making. Thank you!

photo (58)

I simply didn’t add large enough seam allowances to create french seams on this Sorbetto blouse. A bummer, for sure. A very kind (and smart) reader suggested that I just take out the pleat to give myself a bit more breathing room. I’m happy to say that I think it worked well!

photo (67)

I was a bit worried that tearing out the stitches would ruin the fabric, but after a little steamy press, it looked good as new! I then just added a bit of length to the binding for the neck and replaced it. Hemming the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt was a total pain. The fabric is so gorgeous, but super duper slippery and doesn’t iron well. After a bit of frustrated cursing, I got it.

photo (68)

In the end, I think it’s a very pretty, casual blouse. I really liked the pleat, since it added interest and some polish. Maybe I’ll add a little reverse box pleat at the very top. But I am so happy not to have to start over. I can wear it now! Well, not really since it’s not warm enough, but you know. I’ll definitely wear it on my vacation next week (St Patty’s day, anyone?)! Don’t you think it’ll look great with a polished skirt?

As for my other fail, the knitted sweater, I still haven’t decided what to do… I’m scouring other patterns that may work better with the yarn, while also debating whether or not to just finish the thing. I’m being very dramatic here—it’s really not that big of a deal! Whatever I decide, I’ll let you know!


3 thoughts on “A Fixer Upper

    • It was NOT easy. This top was my first time sewing a garment out of silk. I ended up using a special foot to turn under the edge 1/8″, then pressing and stitching a 1/2″ hem. It’s not the easiest fabric to hem, but I really like the end result. Next time, I may try using a stabilizer of some sorts. Good luck with your chiffon!

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