Everglade Knit-Along

I finally finished! Here’s the hat I knitted up for Izzie’s knit-along of the Everglade pattern by Wooly Wormhead.


I made lots of mistakes and almost swore this off as too difficult (many times). I’ve knitted in the round before and I’ve knitted lace, but never lace in the round. It was daunting.

After I got over my initial fear and put in a few lifelines (um… these are life changing), however, things moved along pretty quickly.  It’s a super fun pattern and I’m so glad I tried it out!


I made the medium size, but made the brim about half the size as the pattern called for, so it wouldn’t be slouchy. If you ever make this pattern, bear in mind that it runs on the small size. Oh, and blocking this hat is a definite must—it really helps the lace open up.

photo-1It’s now too warm for me to wear this (yay for spring!), but I’m excited to break it out in the Fall. I’ll definitely make a few more of these hats!

Thanks to Izzie for choosing a great pattern! What a fun knit-along!


2 thoughts on “Everglade Knit-Along

  1. It looks amazing in this colour ! It really fits you well. 🙂
    I’ve finished mine too but I have to do the photos ! I’m glad you like the pattern. In Paris, the weather is like automn so unfortunately (or lucky), I still can wear it.

    • Thanks so much, Izzie! I can’t wait to see yours!

      Spring is always fickle! I used to live in Antwerp and remember that April was such a long and cold month. Hope it warms up soon! In the meantime, enjoy your beautiful hat. 🙂

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